Kobiljon Khodjievich

Head of Laboratory,
Cand. of Sci. (Phys. & Math.), Associate Professor

Phone: (499) 724-2656
E-mail: zoidov@ipr-ras.ru, kobiljonz@mail.ru

Graduated with honors from the Department of applied mathematics of the Faculty of mechanics and mathematics of the Tajik State University. V. I. Lenin (1981), Research Intern, software engineer in VC of Tajik Academy of Sciences (1981-1983) Attached Intern researcher at VC of USSR Academy of Sciences (1983-1985), graduate student at VC of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1985-1988), while from 1986 to 1987 worked as a Junior researcher all-Union scientific research Institute of problems of organization and management (VNIIPO) under the State Committee on science and technology (SCST) of the USSR, and also from 1987 in 1988 the all-Union scientific-research Institute of economic problems of development of science and technology (VNIIPBT) SCST of the USSR, Junior scientific researcher of the MI with VC Tajik Academy of Sciences (1988), Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics (1990), senior researcher (1992), head group MI with VC (1991-1993), doctoral in MEI RAS (1993-1996), seconded senior researcher in MEI RAS (1996-1998), the authorized representative of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Russian Academy of Sciences (1998-2007), Leading researcher of the Institute of mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (1998-2004), Senior researcher of MEI RAS (2004-2008), Laboratory head in MEI RAS (2009).

RINC: SPIN-code: 2293-9802
SCOPUS: 57190430349
Web of Science: (ResearcherID): Q-7592-2016
ORCID: 0000-0002-8474-0895

Economic-mathematical modeling; problems of formation and development of the theory of transformational crisis of transitional economy; problems of modelling of cyclic processes in the national economy; problems of formation of effective model of market economy in the CIS countries; macroeconomic and sectoral problems of formation of innovative economy; problems of non-equilibrium analysis of economic system transformation economy in the conditions of global financial crisis; methodology of econometric analysis of the development of the national economy; study of the evolutionary and institutional organization of the economy of the post-soviet countries, the cyclic dynamics and structure of the national economy; problems of formation of the evolutionary model of the economic system and the problem of the study of cyclic processes in the national economy.



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