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Market Economy Institute was founded by the decree of USSRs Academy of Sciences Presidium on September 25, 1990 1180 and started its research activities from February 1, 1991. The Institute is a structural part of Russian Academy of Sciences and is engaged in the Section of Social Sciences of RAS, which is focused on methodical and organizational issues. Currently, the MEI RAS is the organization subordinated to the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FANO Russia).

The main Institutes goal is an implementation of fundamental scientific and applied researches in the sphere of market economys formation and regulation.

The basic directions of the Institutes research activity are:

  • Elaboration of areas of market economy formation.
  • Integration of Russian economy into the global economy.
  • Study of mechanisms of market ecology-economical regulation.

The Institute takes part in RAS programs, projects supported by the President of Russian Federation, Russian Foundation for Humanities and Russian Foundation for Basic Research, works on the tasks form government structures, collaborates with foreign organizations, maintains close relations with universities, carries on training of scientific personnel in postgraduate and doctoral programs. The Institute has its own Dissertation council D 002.138.01 for conferment of candidate and doctor of economic sciences degrees. MEI RAS is publisher of scientific electronic quarterly journal "Market economy proplems".